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OBERURSEL, HESSEN - September 16, 2010 - Jean Mier Bölinger, long time member of the AWCT receives the 2010 FAWCO Volunteer of the Year Award.

Today, Jean Mier Bölinger presented a check for €1000 that she received from FAWCO as the winner of the 2010 Volunteer of the Year Award to the director and staff of the Frauen Notruf Center in Frankfurt. Guests in attendance were Tom Lavell, Parish Council President, St. Leonhard's Catholic Church in Frankfurt, Elaine Kuether, President of the AWCT, Tonya Teichert, representative of FAWCO, and members of the AWCT C.A.R.E.S. team.

AWCT President, Elaine Kuether, congratulated Jean and explained, "FAWCO is comprised of 170+ clubs worldwide, each of which submitted nominees for this award. Jean was chosen from among all of these nominees. We are very proud of Jean, and to have her as a member of our organization".

The Frauen Notruf Center run by Rita Christ and her team offers comprehensive help and advice for women and girls who are affected by sexual or physical violence. Jean, who won the award in March, chose the Frauen Notruf Center because of the exceptional support and help they offer to victims of violence.

"Volunteer helpers are the foundation of any society. I am delighted that this reward will draw attention to the victims of abuse and violence. This is also a good opportunity to promote and support the valuable work of the Frankfurter Frauen Notruf, " said Jean.

According to estimates, one in five women in Germany suffers physical or sexual violence. Many women are terrorized both at home and at work by sexual harassment, threatening behavior, verbal abuse or assaults, and often don't know where to find help. The Center offers support and counseling for victims and their families. It also advises on medical procedures, such as care of injuries, doctor's reports, and morning-after pills, as well as legal procedures and safe accommodations.

A member of the AWCT for twenty years, Jean Mier Bölinger is no stranger to charitable causes. For the last ten years, Jean has been an active member not only of her church, St. Leonhard's English-speaking Catholic church in Frankfurt, but also through the AWCT, she has been, and still is, involved in many other community organizations that are involved in helping people. As co-team leader of "Spirited Feet", Jean won the prize for organizing the largest team in the Susan B. Komen Race (Race for the Cure of Breast Cancer) in 2006. She also co-chaired the 150-strong AWCT team, who were "buddies" to the local Frankfurt School for the Handicapped Children who took part in the Special Olympics initiated by the U.S. Army.

Former President Ellen Schauff, has known Jean for several years and comments, "When Jean was asked which task was the most rewarding, she told the story of cleaning the grave stones of American children in Frankfurt's main cemetery. Children of military families are buried there and sadly their graves had not been maintained. Jean rounded up a group from the AWCT, who attacked the project with vigor."

Described as quiet, capable and unassuming by those who know her, Jean fulfills the role of Chair of the C.A.R.E.S. group perfectly and within the AWCT. She has been an active member of Mother's Corner and a neighborhood "Mutti" (mother in German) helping families to settle in to their new surroundings.

In paying tribute to Jean, FAWCO representative Tonya Teichert said, "Volunteering and helping people is a way of life for Jean. She is an inspiration to those like me, who aspire to help other people. FAWCO are delighted that she has chosen the Frauen Notruf Center because of the amazing work they do. The support they offer to women and girls is outstanding."

Breaking the cycle of violence and abuse is difficult, but can and must be done; and those who provide assistance need help and support. Intervention, education, and support are essential and the Frauen Notruf Center is dedicated to helping women of all ages and social background.

Rita Christ, member of the managing board of the counseling center Frauen Notruf, said, "Organizations like the AWCT are important partners and multipliers for our work in the group of English-speaking women in the Rhein-Main region. We feel very honored with this special donation and at this point again, thank you most sincerely."

For more information on FAWCO and the Frauen Notruf, please visit and

About American Women's Club of the Taunus, e.V.
The AWCT is a non-profit, English-speaking organization serving the Frankfurt area international community since 1971. With over 450 members, the AWCT offers support, friendships and networking to women and their families, who live in or have recently moved to the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main-Taunus area, including Darmstadt and Wiesbaden.

As a volunteer run group, the AWCT offers a wide range of social activities and services designed to get members involved and connected, as well as facilitate their efforts to integrate into the German community. With monthly events such as neighborhood lunches, book clubs, travel and more, we are confident that our members will find an array of opportunities to make living in Germany an exciting experience.

Additionally, the AWCT takes great pleasure and pride in “giving back” to its community. Every year, the AWCT makes charitable contributions and raises significant funds for local charitable organizations through the annual Spring Charity Event.

The AWCT is an active member of FAWCO, the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas.

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