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OBERURSEL, HESSEN - August 19, 2010 - See What Happens When You "Dream a Little Dream".

On Thursday the 19th of August, Senior Pediatric Consultant, Dr. Schrod and his team from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Höchst Kinderklinik Frankfurt invited Elaine Kuether, President of the AWCT, and the members of the Spring Charity Event committee to the installation of two new GE Giraffe incubators. Dr. Lothar Schrod expressed his heartfelt thanks for the generous donation of over € 36,000 from the AWCT, which the hospital used to purchase the incubators. He explained that the high technology incubators would provide the very seriously ill infant, with the best possible chance of survival.

"We are delighted to accept this generous donation of two incubators (OmniBed)", said Dr. Schrod, "with the right care and equipment, these babies can grow up to be healthy, happy children. The OmniBed makes it possible for the staff to carry out a range of treatments from day-to-day care, to invasive or surgical procedures. Having two means we can treat two more babies."

Accompanied by Dr. Scholz, Consultant Pediatrician, Dr. Schrod gave AWCT members present a guided tour of the unit that cares for over 700 babies a year. Safe inside their high-tech cots, the tiny babies vary in weight; and one little fellow, weighing 400 grams, had only reached 24 weeks of pregnancy (40 weeks is generally considered normal).

Approximately one in nine newborn babies (EU) requires some form of specialist hospital care. An incubator is one of the most important lines of defense in improving infant mortality rates.

In thanking Dr. Schrod and his staff for the chance to see the incubators in use, Elaine Kuether spoke from the heart and said, "This is not something we are used to seeing, so it is emotional to witness these tiny babies and the dedication of the staff. It is important for me to convey to our members what a difference this donation has made to the hospital. That all our efforts really made a difference".

Cindy Grossman, who organized the Christmas Toy Drive (for the Höchst Kinderklinik), added her thanks and said she was delighted with the AWCT response to the request for new toys for the Klinik. "We received over 140 toys and nine Club volunteers battled through a snow storm to wrap the toys. It was fantastic. The staff were so touched by our efforts."

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About American Women's Club of the Taunus, e.V
The AWCT is a non-profit, English-speaking organization serving the Frankfurt area international community since 1971. With over 450 members, the AWCT offers support, friendships and networking to women and their families, who live in or have recently moved to the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main-Taunus area, including Darmstadt and Wiesbaden.

As a volunteer run group, the AWCT offers a wide range of social activities and services designed to get members involved and connected, as well as facilitate their efforts to integrate into the German community. With monthly events such as neighborhood lunches, book clubs, travel and more, we are confident that our members will find an array of opportunities to make living in Germany an exciting experience.

Additionally, the AWCT takes great pleasure and pride in “giving back” to its community. Every year, the AWCT makes charitable contributions and raises significant funds for local charitable organizations through the annual Spring Charity Event.

The AWCT is an active member of FAWCO, the Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas.

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