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The Frankfurt-Rhein-Main-Taunus area is made up of over 5.5 million residents, spread over 220 communities. (Data courtesy of Newcomer's Network) But for those of us living here, it feels like several neighborhoods! And as a result, the AIWC has divided up our Club based on these area groupings.  Each Neighborhood Group is led by a Neighborhood Coordinator, who organizes events or outings usually based in her "neighborhood".  Members are welcome and encouraged to attend all activities, whether you live in that neighborhood, or not. Monthly events can range from a coffee at a café or member's home, to a walking tour of the town, to a presentation at a local cheese shop -- the possibilities are limitless!  Each Neighborhood also has at least one "Mutti".  Mutti means 'mom' in German.   These volunteers help any member in a variety of ways, such as with advice on local workers (plumbers, etc.) to common questions about how things work in your town.

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Neighborhood Groups

  • Bad Homburg, Friedrichsdorf, Laggoens, Neu Anspach, Obernhain, Usingen, Wehrheim
  • Bad Soden, Neuenhain, Sulzbach, Schwalbach, Eschborn, Steinbach, Niederhöchstadt, Kelkheim, Eppstein, Niedernhausen, Fischbach, Ruppertshain, Hofheim, Kriftel, Hattersheim, Liederbach, and southern areas
  • Darmstadt and surrounding area
  • Frankfurt am Main, Bad Vilbel, Karben, Rodgau, Dreiech, Neu Isenberg, Langen, Hanau, Heilbronn, Mannheim/Heidelberg
  • Königstein, Falkenstein, Mammolshain, Schneidhain, Glashütten, Schloßborn, Schmitten, Kronberg
  • Oberursel
  • Wiesbaden, Mainz, and surrounding areas