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From the moment our first members, including our leading founder, Shirley Brendtke, formed the American International Women's Club (formerly the American Women's Club of the Taunus), we have been committed to supporting not only our members, but also giving back to our host country and to international charitable causes.

At the AIWC, each year we take great pride in contributing to our local communities and to international causes by way of our fundraising events and activities. Since 1971, we have been involved with a number of charitable organizations (listed below) and have raised thousands of Euros for many worthy causes.


The applications have been received, the membership voted, and it is official. The chosen charity for 2015 is Frauen Helfen Frauen HTK e. V. ! The local, Oberursel-based NGO, is dedicated to giving shelter to abused women and their children as well as counseling and other services. Join the AIWC as we support this very important cause.


This year's charity recipient of our Spring Event was Projekt Schmetterling, a non-profit organization that provides psychological support to cancer patients and their families in the Rhein Main area. The Great Gatsby-themed event raised over 10,000 €.


The AIWC selected for it's beneficiary in 2013. focuses on methods to fight extreme poverty using efficient and sustainable measures in areas all over the world. The AIWC raised approximately 12,000€ to help this very worthwhile global charity.


Hearts with Hope, the theme for this year's charity event raised 19,000 € for the Beratungsstelle Frauennotruf,  The monies will be used for services to meet the needs of women in need, both German nationals and foreigners, such as counseling services, assistance with medical, legal, and governmental issues; and providing access to women's shelters and facilities and vocational training.

Photos from the 2012 Gala are available for viewing and purchase.  Follow these instructions to access the photos from the evening:

Click on this link:   Foto Wachendorfer, then click on Bildergalerie Online Verkauf.  Next, scroll all the way down until you see: AIWC Charity Gala 2012 Teil 1 and Teil 2.  Click on this and then enter the password: AWCT (all caps).


Start Stiftung was selected to be the recipient of our Spring Charity Event fundraising, and the AIWC Spring charity Event raised over 22,000 € to be used for scholarships.  Each 5,000€ scholarship, is used to help a foreign-born/immigrant student succeed in obtaining their high school diploma.


Höchst Kinderklinik was the recipient of our Spring Charity Event fundraising, where we donated 35,368 € to purchase 2 infant "GE Giraffe" incubators.

Christmas toys were collected at our Annual Christmas Luncheon for the children at the Höchst Kinderklinik.


Vita Assistenzhunde e.V. was the recipient of our Spring Charity Event fundraising, where we donated 22,700 € to train assistance dogs for disabled children.


AIDS Hilfe, an organization to help promote AIDS awareness, received over 14,000 € from the Spring Charity Event.