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The Executive Board - President, two Vice Presidents, Treasurer, Secretary, and Nominating Chair - are elected at the Election event in April, and serve for a period of one year beginning on June 1st until May 31st of the following year.

Each member of the Executive Board is elected individually and must be a member of the Club. There is a a limit on the number of consecutive terms the members can serve on the Executive Board.


Patricia Boekhout, President
The President of the AIWC conducts all meetings, coordinates the objectives of the Club and is the spokesperson for the Executive Board.  In addition, the President represents the AIWC and is in charge of the overall management of the Club. Patricia joins our Executive Board with previous experience in banking and offshore company management. She has had postings in New York, The Netherlands, Poland and Mexico and brings with her experience in many different American and International women's clubs. Patricia has lived in Germany since summer 2011 with her husband and 4 children. 




Katherine Fischer, First Vice President
First Vice President oversees the Activities Fair to be held each September and monitors plans for the annual Fall Market to be held in November (deferred for 2013). The First Vice President also oversees the Program Chair, Tennis League, Travel (and Day Trips) Chair, and Working Women’s Group Chair. Kate moved back to Germany in August 2009 after almost 10 years in the New York area. She previously lived in Köln and Bonn, where she taught in the North America Program at the University of Bonn. She has been active serving on the parents' council and organizing events at various schools.


Karin Klaassen, Second Vice President
The primary job of the Second Vice President is to oversee the Spring Charity Event and Silent Auction, which raises money for a charitable cause in the Frankfurt area. The Second Vice President also supervises Mother’s Corner, CARES, Art & Culture, and SINKS. After joining the AIWC in 2011, Karin volunteered as Assistant Treasurer. She has worked as an account director in the design industry. Karin comes from Amsterdam.








Calen Higgins, Treasurer
The Treasurer maintains the accounting books, with the help of a Tax Accountant, for the AIWC. Her main project is to forecast a budget for the next year, while also maintaining the current year’s budget.  The Treasurer manages the Assistant Treasurer, Mother's Corner Treasurer, Membership, and the Advertising Coordinator. Calen has been living in Germany since 2009, and joined the AIWC in 2011. She has worked in Corporate Training, Organizational Development and HR for 10+ years. She looks forward to helping the AIWC continue to provide friendship and support to women and families in their efforts to integrate into the German community and to support the ongoing goal of charitable giving. 





Jackie Lee Gossler, Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for recording all minutes for Executive and General Board Meetings, as well as updating any changes to our Club rules.
The Secretary also oversees the Office Manager, the Art Collection and the Library and Video Managers. Jackie moved from NYC to Hannover, Germany in 2006 and has been living in Frankfurt since Fall 2013 with her husband and 2 young children. Her background is public health epidemiology.






Jane Lemmon, Nominating Chair
The Nominating Chair heads up the Nominating Committee and publishes the list of the elected Executive Board members. The Nominating Chair examines all nominations and appointments of Executive Board members and can oversee a portion of the committees as decided by the Executive Board. Jane has been living in Oberursel, Germany for almost 3 years and has been a member of the Club for 2 years.  Jane has been involved in a range of minor volunteer activities.





Meet our Advisory Members

Alicea Williams, Parliamentarian
The Parliamentarian is a non-voting, advisory position.  The Parliamentarian advises the Executive and General Boards on following the Club's Charter, Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Special Rules. 


Elaine Kuether, Advisor
The Advisor is a non-Executive Board member who is appointed by the President.  The Advisor typically is a former President or former member of the Executive Board who has a fair amount of experience with the AIWC and can advise the Executive Board on a variety of Club issues.