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Members can get involved in the operation of the Club. We are run solely by the volunteer efforts of our members; and as in every non-profit organization, our volunteers are the backbone to our success!

All volunteers are welcome, whether you would like to help out at our annual Gala for a couple of hours or agree to take on a Board position, opportunities are available from Executive Board positions, to leading a group or activity, to planning events, to welcoming new members, or to helping with fundraising.

Volunteering is an excellent way to meet other members, form friendships, learn about your community and help grow the AIWC. Here are a few examples of ways to volunteer:

  • Become a neighborhood coordinator: greet new members to your neighborhood, plan monthly events such as coffees, museum visits or lunches
  • Help with the Spring Charity Event: fundraising, soliciting auction items, decorating, ticket sales
  • Marketing: help promote the Club with marketing materials, promoting events
  • Start a new group: like to walk?  start a walking group, interested in cooking?  find a group of people to start a gourmet group

The possibilities are endless! The Club is run by members for our members!

Contact your neighborhood coordinator or the AIWC office to find out more on how you can become involved.

Meet Our Volunteers: Group Chairs & Coordinators

Tamara Dannenmann, Advertising Chair
The Advertising Chair is responsible for maintaining our current advertisers and soliciting new businesses for both our print and electronic newsletter, and now also including our Website opportunities. 

Renate Gusy, Art & Culture Chair
The Art & Culture Chair is responsible for organizing the activities and events program for this group. Renate is always coming up with new ideas on cultural experiences from museum visits to local coffee production tours and everything cultural in between!  Renate has been with the Club for many years and has volunteered on a number of committees.  We value her insight and enlightening activity choices.

Jean Mier Bölinger, C.A.R.E.S. Chair
The C.A.R.E.S. Chair is responsible for helping members find the help they need, whether it is a personal emergency or assistance finding help in your area.  Jean has acted as the Chair of the C.A.R.E.S team for a few years and brings a sense of understanding and knowledge of local resources to her position.  Jean is also a celebrated member of the AIWC, winning the 2010 Volunteer of the Year award from FAWCO.  Jean was nominated by members of the AIWC and was presented with a check for 1000 USD, all of which went to the charity of her choice, FrauNotRuf of Frankfurt, an organization that provides advice and counseling for women and girls in cases of sexual violence.

Diane Doerken, Charity Coordinator
The Charity Coordinator oversees the entire Charity Committee, starting from applications for selection through to the donation of monies raised. 

Anett Gyoere, Database Administrator
The Database Administrator position is new to the Club, following an overhaul of our old membership system. This large task is now it's own position. 

Didem Kennan, FAWCO Representative (Chair)
The Federation of American Women's Clubs Overseas, Inc. was founded in 1931. It currently focuses on voter registration drives worldwide; dissemination of information on education, U.S. citizenship, living and working abroad; support for literacy and training programs for women and children in Third World countries; and environmental protection projects. The FAWCO Representative raises awareness of its activities and resources. Didem is originally from Istanbul. She also lived in New York City and London for many years, coming to Frankfurt in 2012. She was a member of the American Women's Club in London (St John’s Wood) prior to joining AIWC. Her background in HR will help her in her new role.

Debbie Mazza, Gala Coordinator
The Gala Coordinator is responsible for organizing the Spring Charity Event. 

OPEN, Marketing Chair
The Marketing/PR Co-Chair works closely to assist the Marketing Chair and the Media & Public Relations Chair to help support new marketing opportunities, assist with the Zusammen newsletter content, and local media relations. 

Rasa Hiob, Media & PR Chair
The Media and PR Chair works closely with the Club President to promote and present all AIWC objectives and events to the media and the general public, as well as in liaison with the Marketing Chair, the Webmaster, the AIWC Newsletter Editor and the Advertising Coordinator in most Special Events. Key events are the Fall Market and Spring Charity Event.

OPEN, Membership Chair
The Membership Chair is responsible for accepting the AIWC membership applications and putting them all into a system that is our Club database. 

Anne Marie Moelker, Mother's Corner Chair
The Mother's Corner Chair is responsible for leading this group of mothers in the area which offers not only a support network for moms, but also a variety of activities both with and without the children (we are a daughter group of both the AIWC and BCT). With close to 200 members, Mother's Corner is a diverse and exciting group of women who share friendship, support while also contributing to the Frankfurt/Taunus community through our twice annual Children's Bazaar. 

Sarah Dressler, Zusammen Newsletter Co-Coordinator
The Newsletter Coordinator is responsible for the complete publication of our newsletter.  

Geraldine Diserens, Zusammen Newsletter Assistant Editor
Geraldine, a native of Ireland, has been living in Germany for more than twenty years. Having worked in the tourism industry and for a German daily newspaper, she has experience both in PR work as well as in the publishing industry.  She currently works as a freelance translator and editor. 

OPEN, Program Chairperson
The Program Chair is responsible for organizing several All-Club events that are scattered throughout the year, including the Welcome Wine & Cheese in September through to the Election Event in April. 

Monica Pecoraro &, Gladys Ho SINKS Co-Chairs
The SINKS Chair is responsible for organizing the activities and events program for the group -- Single Income No Kids. SINKS is a popular group, that likes to have fun, whether it's going out to lunch or out for drinks.  


Both Gladys and Monica have been with the Club for many years -- working on the Executive and General Boards. Both bring a sense of fun, adventure and knowledge of Frankfurt and the Taunus together to plan interesting events for the SINKS group.


Barbara Merlino, Tennis League Coordinator
The Tennis League Coordinator is responsible for organizing the Tennis League teams and events. The League has four different levels of play, with 48 players. Barbara, our coordinator for 30 years, handles the organization of the team play, scheduling and an end-of-season luncheon.  Barbara, who served on the AIWC Board for 11 years, is also an avid tennis player who has turned her passion of play into a very successful and popular AIWC activity!

Erika Olsson, Travel Chair
The Travel Coordinator is responsible for organizing travel opportunities for our Club members and their families.  Erika has been a member for a number of years and her expertise in leading groups on tours all around Europe, parts of the Middle East, and especially right here in our German "backyard" is famous amongst our members! She has tremendous enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge of so many places and is a definite asset to the Club.

Monica Pecoraro, Webmaster
The Webmaster is responsible for the maintenance of our Website. With a background in Corporate Writing and a few years of experience with the AIWC Board, Monica has put her knowledge of Club business to use in helping launch the new site with the Marketing Chair.

Vikki Charles, Welcome Chairperson
The Welcome Chair's role is to make new-comers feel welcome and get plugged into the club.